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I’m not sure how to begin? The problem with conventions is so much happens it’s difficult to relate it all. Things start to blur, other events are indescribable…

Anyway. I'm just going to take it day by day.

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And that is my badly written con report.

I may try to clean it up later, but honestly I think any improvements I can make to it are minimal.


(if you hover over the images it tells you whose booty is whose)
I've finally finished my up-to-date word/pdf copy of A Farm in Iowa (AO3) by [ profile] sheafrotherdon

ETA: Of course, I've checked how the formatting looks on my Kindle, and everything I had centered has now been moved to left alignment, but meh. The important part is everything is still there!

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Some time ago, I promised [ profile] silvarbelle and [ profile] allofspace a McShep essay. Here it is! Big thanks to [ profile] jamesie_boy for being my enabler, as well as [ profile] thebiggest_lie for being, well, herself. They've dealt with my crazed McShep love for some time, and never tell me to shut up.

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Long post is long.

Warning: huge FST is huge.

Major thanks to [ profile] anyjen, who beta'd this monstrosity and never called me crazy (or stupid).

Please note that some songs take a few seconds before the music begins.

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