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Jun. 17th, 2017 04:25 am
Don't worry, I still really ship McShep :D A friend of mine was going to start a rewatch of The Flash and invited me to join. I'm easily persuaded when it comes to ships - if you get to me first and talk your ship up, I will totally start to ship it too (and then nothing can make me stop).

Meet Harrisco )
I think this is my first time actually posting on DW and not just importing all my journal entries. Hopefully crossposting works! My DW needs so much work - I need to change out my icons and work on my layout (the text is so tiny, whyyy).

My New Year's Resolution is two-fold, the first of which - <i>be more positive</i> - is new. It's going to be a difficult one, since my family is always running into financial woes. The second is the same as last year: write more than the previous year. I signed up for [ profile] mini_wrimo in November and it really helped keep me writing. I'm thinking of making a sticky-post to keep track of my daily word count - I'll comment each day with how much I wrote. It won't always be more than 0, but hopefully I won't go days without writing.

One positive of 2016 is my success at writing more. In 2015 I wrote 6,721 words total for the year. In 2016 I wrote 45,397. I'm really proud of myself for that, even if I know some people who could write that in one story alone, lol. Hopefully I'll fill my goal of writing even more than 45k! I have tons of ideas, it's just the hard part: actually writing them.

My 2016 Fics

+ Experienced, 1907 words.
Danny's a bit lost while Owen is charting the island.

+ Making A Choice, 6679 words. Written for Tarlan and part of the [ profile] romancingmcshep .
John knows something has to change to make Weres more accepted on Atlantis. He has a feeling there are more than just a few who share his secret.

+ Division 52, 18644 words. Written as part of the Conspiracy Challenge and a Men in Black crossover.
John never expected aliens.

Refresh My Memory, 1906 words. Co-written with [ profile] darkmoore.
John, Rodney and the day after a drunken night of sex...

Gifts Worth Giving, 1138 words. Written for [ profile] selenic76.
Wooing, Rodney McKay style.

Riding A Desk, 2170 words. Pure porn.
This was Rodney's favorite kind of meeting.

+ Take Me To The Wild, 6214 words. Written for fandom_stocking and hasn't been revealed yet. I'll make a post when it's finally open for reading.

Right out the gate of 2017, I have at least 2 fics to be written and Romancing McShep to start thinking about. Hopefully it's a sign of how the year will go :)
Hey guys! I signed up for fandom-stocking - you can find my post here. There's no pressure to post a ficlet or picspam or anything at all; you don't even have to wish me well :) Just putting this out here.

[ profile] squidgiepdx has a list of some participants that might be familiar to you good people~
I don't have much to report for the week, other than my excitement for Squee Weekend. We're sooo close - I am ready to be among my people.

My Conspiracy Challenge fic is inching along. I'm hoping that one of these nights I'll settle down and get a bunch of it done - I need to finish it up soon so I can get someone to look it over for me. It's definitely going to need some work lol.

I got my hair cut! It was shorter than I had envisioned, but I did tell the hairdresser to cut a lot off. I think I like it, and I was told today at work that it was cute by quite a few people. It'll be much easier to care for and not such an annoyance. Plus, it'll grow back *shrug*

Cut for pic )

I finished up that beta I was doing. The author updated with a new chapter, and I'm probably biased, but I loved the fic and think everyone should read it. I know some people don't like to read WIPs but I beta'd this, so I can confidently say that it's like, 98% done. It has a resolution and everything, there were just some scenes the author wanted to fill out/edit.


Aug. 7th, 2016 11:44 pm
I've decided to try and post at least once a week about things that aren't just complaints about the crappiness of life :P

First, a tiny gift for [ profile] squidgiepdx:

Surprise! )

[ profile] story_works is hosting a Conspiracy Theory challenge, which I've signed up for. I think I need a kick in the pants to get some writing done, since I haven't done any in ages. So many plans, but so much laziness to overcome lol. I'll be doing a Men in Black crossover thing, though as it stands I don't know how much of the fic is actually going to focus on the crossover aspect - it may end up being more of a background thing. But a friend on tumblr gave me this fantastic detail for the fic that I'm hoping I have fun with :D

I have [ profile] squidgiepdx's new fic to read, which looks really good. The author of Mer's Moving Castle recently posted on tumblr asking if someone is willing to read through the rest of the fic before she posts. I volunteered (though I have to reread what she already has posted) and I'm super excited. I like this author and I'm very intrigued by the fic.

I remember now why I don't post every week - nothing much happens in my life that's worth reporting, lol. I work and read~
Titles are hard, whether they be for fics or for journal posts.

Complaints, musings, happiness )
Taken from tumblr:

A tumblr specifically for recommending long fic has been set up at fuckyeahlongfic. It’s still very new, but we’re hopeful it’ll catch on. It’s a multi-fandom, any pairing blog, but to have a wide variety of fandoms and pairings, people need to know about the tumblr - we mods aren’t in *every* fandom, after all.

You browse by tags: fandom, pairing, rating, etc. Anything of 10,000+ words is acceptable; anything below that that is not.

I like this idea XD
Taken from [ profile] rustler's post here

Now through October 16, the OTW is holding a membership drive to raise the funds needed for us to keep owning our own damned servers, plus supporting the Fanlore wiki, Open Doors archive and zine preservation efforts, legal advocacy services, the Transformative Works and Cultures journal and future projects down the line. OTW membership costs just $10 (USD) and also gives you a vote in the upcoming OTW Board of Directors election. If you've got more than that, there are some cool premium goodies available too.

What's extra cool is that right now there are not just one, but TWO matching grants available (one general grant, and a grant specifically honoring Sandy Herrold) which means that whatever you're able to contribute will be doubled! Details here. If you've been meaning to join or renew, this is a great time to do it.

OTW logo: red circle with an arrow. Text reads: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive October 9-16, 2011

AO3 [archive of our own] is part of Transformative Works, as well.



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