Title: Kid McShep
Notes: I wanted to write this fic that spanned years, where John and Rodney meet as children and grow up as best friends. They fall out of contact for several years, until they're reunited in Antarctica.

Fic 1 )

Title: Ass Smacking
Notes: I don't know.

Fic 2 )

I have a couple more ideas that I only have a paragraph written for, and I've decided not to include them.

Title: Harlequin AU
Notes: I was writing this unofficially for the Harlequin Big Bang, and then I started hitting some snags.

Cut for fic )
Title: Genderbend Vampire AU
Notes: I started thinking about how most of the genderbend's I've read were based in canon. I wanted to do a complete AU, but I was struggling with plot, so I just decided to combine two tropes I love.

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Because these are so short, I'm combining them into one post.

Title: Untitled Dragon AU
Notes: An SGA/Mercedes Lackey "Joust" AU.

Fic 1 )

Title: Untitled Mpreg fic
Notes: Back when the mpreg big bang was having sign ups, I started thinking about how a lot of fics have John and Rodney having baby girls, and I wanted to write one where they have a boy, so I started writing one just for myself.

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