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My dad's side of the family is visiting from out of state. They usually only come up about once a year - if that - so all week, on my days off, I've been staying out until 11pm to visit with family. The lack of downtime and naps has me feeling tired constantly, so I haven't been doing much fandom stuff lately other than reading. I haven't written anything, or beta'd anything, because I just cannot brain when I get home lol. But everyone is leaving Saturday/Sunday, so after that things will be settling into their normal routine. I took yesterday - Thursday - off because my one uncle was only going to be here Thursday and Friday, and I work both those days. It's going to make money ridiculously tight at the end of the month, but it was worth it. I haven't seen him in three years.

Other than reading, I've been listening to podcasts. I just finished Limetown and LOVED it. Fascinating and at times creepy, it pulled me in until all I could think about was listening to the next episode. I have a huge list of podcasts I want to listen to, some of them quite long, so I have plenty to choose from. I think if I ever do get caught up on my podcasts, I'm going to listen to more podfics. My life could always use more John & Rodney~

My birthday is coming up - the 23rd. I'm going to be 28. It's super weird to think that I'm approaching 30 - I still feel like I'm 23, and I have to actually do the math in my head before I'm like, "Oh yeah." Where the hell is this year going?
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I had an interview today! There was a sign by the time machine at work that a part-time position had open up in vision center.

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So angry

Feb. 22nd, 2017 07:44 pm
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So we've found a place. We were told that the people living there agreed to be out by February 1st...which came and went with no call from the manager. Okay. We call and the manager says she's just waiting on the title, which really shouldn't take that long. We waited a week and a half with no word, so we called her to get an update. She didn't pick up. We called, left messages, etc. for about a week and when we finally got a hold of her, we were told again that she's just waiting on the title. So we call the people who lived in the place before us and they agree to meet us to hand over the title (and then never show up, which they've done twice). We've agreed to meet the people to exchange the title tomorrow (again), but I guess the manager caught wind, because she called and said, "Since you're going behind my back, it's going to be another $350 to move in." 


I'm so angry. We're poor, you dumbass, and the rest of the money we have was going to toward repairs. What the fuck is your actual problem? Are you 12? Oh you went behind my back - who cares, as long as we have the title and pay you your fucking money? What is with the increase in price? AND such a huge increase, too. I bet you she's going to pocket that damn money. We have so few options too, it's not like we can just go somewhere else.
I was told today that my mother called my grandmother to explain the situation - since they're going to need our new address, when we have one - and my grandmother got very angry and called my brother.

Sooo my brother came over today and said he was going to continue paying the bills. We're still going to save up as best we can to move into someplace cheaper - so we don't have to depend on my brother as much, so he can have more money for his child. But this does mean we are no longer teetering on the edge of homelessness.

I was ready to confront my brother and yell at him for what he was doing. I did tell him that if he plans to cut off us in the future (again), he needs to let us know ahead of time.

All my taxes are going toward saving up. I was hoping to use them to go to Squee Weekend, but alas, being poor strikes again.

I'm so relieved I'm lightheaded.
My brother is coming over tonight - please keep your fingers crossed that I can convince him to continue helping with the bills, for now, until I can save up some money to safely move.
Twelve days into 2017 and already we're having financial woes.

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The reveals have been pushed back again, understandably so (though I did spend the last two days feverishly working on a fic, had it beta'd, etc. for nothing). But it does mean there's time to drop me well wishes, fic, art, or whatever in my stocking, if you feel so inclined! I am kind of impatient for my fics to be revealed lol. Not because I think they're just that good, but because then I can stop thinking about them~

I have had a persistent cough for about a week now. My mother has wondered if perhaps I've got bronchitis again - I hope not. I've got not time to be sick! I'm getting really tired of it, though.

ETA: I also changed my dreamwidth header. It doesn't look as nice as I pictured in my head, but I kept running into problems, so it is what it is now. I spent forever taking screencaps, coloring them, etc. that when  started to have problems resizing the images to fit - and trying to make them roughly the same size - I went GOOD ENOUGH.
[livejournal.com profile] logans_girl2001 is hosting a Pride Day every Monday, where you comment on her post and talk about something that made you happy or feel proud that week. It's a great way to share some positivity :)


Dec. 12th, 2016 06:27 am
Things are really taking off at work. 'Tis the season, and all that. I'm always drained by Saturday night, and two days doesn't seem like enough to recover. I work Christmas Eve, 9am to 6pm (when the store closes). My boss said she was scheduling a bunch of people to work 7-4, so at least I'll have help.

I finished Stranger Things, which was amazing. It's also resulted in my first ot3 - Jonathan/Nancy/Steve. Most of the fic for them is kind of same-y though, so I haven't read everything (not that there's much to read). I loved watching the kids on the show, but not enough to seek out fic for them. Joyce/Hopper tends to be a background pairing, so I haven't really read anything for them either. I've been looking for something to replace ST to watch on my own and I've started Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, which is entirely the fault of [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx! There are only 7 episodes, so it shouldn't take me too long to finish, and then I think I'll watch The Expanse.

fandom_stocking has gone live, and I'm hoping to do fills for at least three people ([livejournal.com profile] tarlanx, [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx, and [livejournal.com profile] goddess47). Ideally, I'd like to do something for all the McShep shippers, but given how slow at writing I am and the way my ideas tend to get out of control...plus, I want to do something for Winter Magic. I have a teeth-rottingly sweet fic idea that I can hopefully do justice for that. I'm considering signing up for my own stocking (I have two days left to decide), but I worry about giving back as much as I receive. I'm already 3k into a fill for [livejournal.com profile] tarlanx, so I am hopeful about getting things done.

[livejournal.com profile] sgamadison is doing a December Love Meme over on her journal. Stop by and check it out - it's inspiring some great fandom love :)

I got into a fight with some family members on facebook about the 2016 presidential election. My aunt called my words "hateful", which I found darkly amusing, considering the crap Trump has said and gotten away with. My aunt is rich, white, and married. She has little to worry about, with him. These fights have made me very nervous about Christmas, however. I doubt they'll say anything, as it'll be a holiday and they'll want it to be a nice one, but they can be passive aggressive or ignore me completely...I guess we'll see.

I have a 6 page paper due on Wednesday I have no motivation to work on. And next time I get some spare money, I'm getting my nose pierced.

That's it for updates *shrug*
My conspiracy fic is moving right along :) It's sitting at 12k in total right now and I'm not done yet (though I'm definitely past the halfway point), but I've signed up for [livejournal.com profile] mini_wrimo, which I am hoping will motivate me to make steady progress :D Once this fic is done, I think I know what I'm going to work on next, but we'll see where my muses take me.

Tomorrow is going to be hell at work; it's the first of the month, which is always our busiest time. It's also a Tuesday, which means there will not be many people scheduled to work in my department. I anticipate lots of stress about falling behind on my duties, about having to cover a different department for an hour (which takes me away from my duties and puts me further behind). But I have Wednesday off from work (though I have class, in which there is an exam). At the moment however, I'm calm and not all stressing about the next two days. It's a nice feeling :)

I've been rereading some old favorites - The Spaces Between by [livejournal.com profile] taste_is_sweet, Event Horizon Books by daughtershade, and The Sweetheart Murder by [livejournal.com profile] melagan - and trying to finish up the last few episodes of Twin Peaks so I can watch Stranger Things. Aaand...that's about it for me! I hope everyone is doing well :D
We're getting so close, and I am so excited, but mixed in with that is a ton of anxiety. It's not the actual flying part I'm afraid of - being on the plane is actually the most relaxing part for me. It's getting through security, finding my gate - and I'm extra nervous this time because I'm bringing my laptop. I keep having visions of being told it can't go with me and being unable to figure out what to do lol. I have been rereading the comments on my previous post and it calms me down some, but as soon as I click away from the post my anxiety spikes. I think what I'll do is ask if my ride can stick around until I'm through security - that way, if they DO say that my laptop can't go for some inexplicable reason, I can hand it off and know it'll get safely home. I'm less worried about leaving my laptop behind while down there; I always obsessively check that I have everything, and my laptop is so important to me that I'll definitely check that I have all necessary components.

I also worry about missing my flight - this will be a big worry when flying back, because if I miss my flight while down South, it's not like I can just call my parents to drive and pick me up. It's one reason why I'm so grateful for long layovers - I can plop my butt down with plenty of time to spare and just distract myself.

Typing this all out has actually calmed me down immensely :)
I don't have much to report for the week, other than my excitement for Squee Weekend. We're sooo close - I am ready to be among my people.

My Conspiracy Challenge fic is inching along. I'm hoping that one of these nights I'll settle down and get a bunch of it done - I need to finish it up soon so I can get someone to look it over for me. It's definitely going to need some work lol.

I got my hair cut! It was shorter than I had envisioned, but I did tell the hairdresser to cut a lot off. I think I like it, and I was told today at work that it was cute by quite a few people. It'll be much easier to care for and not such an annoyance. Plus, it'll grow back *shrug*

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I finished up that beta I was doing. The author updated with a new chapter, and I'm probably biased, but I loved the fic and think everyone should read it. I know some people don't like to read WIPs but I beta'd this, so I can confidently say that it's like, 98% done. It has a resolution and everything, there were just some scenes the author wanted to fill out/edit.
Monday was my first day of class. A guy sits next to me, very nice, we start chatting a bit. He asks to be facebook friends - I never get on facebook, but I figure this is a good way to exchange notes or something if one of us misses class. Wednesday, he sits next to me again. We talk a bit more, he’s nice, and he starts talking about hanging out when we’re not in class. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I hesitantly agree. We exchange skype names.

Suddenly he’s talking about going out? On dates. Like, what is my favorite thing to do on a date, am I really cuddly, what kind of things should we do on a date. And I’m just like ????? When did dating come into this??? I’ve seen you in person twice, for 2 hours each (4 hours total). How…when did I give you any sign that I am romantically interested? So I told him that I’d rather we get to know each other first before we do any dating.

He texted me today at work, but I was too busy to respond. I get on skype tonight and he’s all, “I don’t think a relationship can work out between us and I only see us as friends getting to know each other. I kept thinking all day about this. I need to be touched, talked to everyday, kissed, cuddled, etc. I’m very touchy feely, sorta sexual. And you not being a affectionate or touchy person just made me think. :(”

I mean, on the one hand I’m relieved. Thank god I got out of that pretty quick. On the other hand, who the fuck are you to tell me I’m not affectionate? I’ll concede I’m not a touchy person - I’m too self-conscious and shy to feel comfortable hugging people, because all I worry about is if I smell bad, how long should the hug last for, how tight do I squeeze - at least until I get to know them. But I barely know you, and you think you can judge how affectionate I am? Fuck you, I am super affectionate. I love my friends. Granted, most aren't physically present, but I'll write them fic or make gifs or send them links to things I think they'll enjoy, and I do all of it because I want to make them smile or laugh, or somehow brighten their day.
In homage to all of those "100 Days of Happy" posts, I'm going to call my weekly updates "Happy Week". Lets hope it lives up to its name~ I'm posting this one super late - I meant to post every Sunday. Only second week in and I'm already slipping, whoops.

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In fannish news, I have taken on a very stupid, ambitious undertaking. Someone new to the fandom asked for some trope-y McShep recs, and I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible recs. So I found this list on fanlore and...decided to rec fic for each category? Oh god, so many categories, so many fic. I'm not rec'ing stuff for each category, but I'm down to "Crossover". I probably won't do the last category, though I'll link to my pinboard at the end, lol. I'll post the fic list here when I'm done :)


Aug. 7th, 2016 11:44 pm
I've decided to try and post at least once a week about things that aren't just complaints about the crappiness of life :P

First, a tiny gift for [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx:

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[livejournal.com profile] story_works is hosting a Conspiracy Theory challenge, which I've signed up for. I think I need a kick in the pants to get some writing done, since I haven't done any in ages. So many plans, but so much laziness to overcome lol. I'll be doing a Men in Black crossover thing, though as it stands I don't know how much of the fic is actually going to focus on the crossover aspect - it may end up being more of a background thing. But a friend on tumblr gave me this fantastic detail for the fic that I'm hoping I have fun with :D

I have [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx's new fic to read, which looks really good. The author of Mer's Moving Castle recently posted on tumblr asking if someone is willing to read through the rest of the fic before she posts. I volunteered (though I have to reread what she already has posted) and I'm super excited. I like this author and I'm very intrigued by the fic.

I remember now why I don't post every week - nothing much happens in my life that's worth reporting, lol. I work and read~
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Anyone willing to take a look at 2k of porn? I wrote it an hour before bedtime and I have a problem with tense shifts, so it probably definitely needs some work.

Scenario: Rodney, naked and sprawled out over John's office desk. With John fully clothed and leaning over him.

In other news, I lost my new phone. It was fairly cheap - the phone, case, and activation fee only came to about ~$80, but I was still kicking myself over it. My first new phone in two years, and I only had it for like a month or two. Oh, self.

It has been SO HOT here lately, dear god. Sometimes I have to cover the cart pusher's lunch, which means I'm outside in the heat (anywhere between 80-90 degrees fahrenheit) pushing heavy carts uphill for an hour. I'm always tired, sticky, and very irritable afterward. It makes a person dread going to work. Plus, once again, two of my coworkers are leaving for vacation this week, which means Saturday - our busiest day and my birthday - is going to be hellishly stressful. But I took a day off in early August, which means I get 4 days off in a row (since I normally have Sunday/Monday/Wednesdays off anyway), so there's that :D

I hope everyone is doing well :)
I have the flu again. Second time in as many months :( I'm at least past the "rush to the bathroom" part, but I have this terrible headache that won't away. I have work tomorrow, but I plan to get up early and see how I feel - that way I'll call in with a couple hours to spare for them to find someone cover. If I feel up to it, I'll go in, though I'd love to have the day off.

In much better news, thanks to the amazing [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx's generosity, I'm going to Squee Weekend again this year! I'm so excited, and I wish it were October already (though I do need the intervening months to save up, so I guess I shouldn't rush things). I'm flying out on the 6th and leaving for home the 11th :D Plenty of time to kick back and hang with the best people I know.

I was supposed to be working on my dragon AU, but I ended up starting this Vampire/bar AU. I was hit with the urge to write a vampire fic (I blame this series), but I wanted to do something original with it, and I remembered this tumblr post about combining tropes instead of doing the same ol' thing. So Vampire!John runs a bar that is "neutral ground" for the Inhuman - nobody is allowed to attack any other being while there, whether they're your mortal enemy or not. Rodney stumbles upon it one night, and then there's some vampire politics, possibly a kidnapping, and definitely some romance. I want to try doing some world building with this one. We'll see.

My list of tv shows to watch is really getting out of hand, I need to get in the habit of watching 1 episode per day or something, just so I make some progress. I seem to have an easier time with the half hour shows, so I'm currently making excellent progress through Bob's Burgers. I'm still reading fic despite promising more than one friend I'd read the Captive Prince trilogy, which has been highly recommended by 3 people whose taste I trust. Not to mention all the free original fiction I recently discovered... Damn you fic, always holding my attention hostage!

Other than that, it's just work. Never enough help, always stressful.
Back when the landlord wanted to kick our roommate out, we convinced them we should take over their payments. We knew even then it'd be temporary, that as soon as we got our taxes back we'd be moving somewhere else. So...that's what we did. We didn't expect so much drama to go with it, though!

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I promised [livejournal.com profile] timespirit I'd write a little tutorital on how to get email updates every time a McKay/Sheppard fic is posted to Ao3. This method actually works for all kinds of websites - I get email updates when Joe Flanigan posts to Instagram, when David Hewlett posts to youtube, and so on. It's nothing fancy, really - just RSS feeds.

1. Go to Blogtrottr. You don't have to sign up, though if you're going to be using this for a bunch of notifications, I would recommend it.
2. Go to the Rodney McKay/John Sheppard page on AO3. Click on the RSS feed on the top right of the page.
3. Cut and paste the link into the place provided on blogtrottr. Enter your email address. I usually select "Real Time" for how frequent, and then click "feed me".
For Ao3, you'll get an email every time a new fic is posted. You will not, however, get an email when an old fic updates. You have to subscribe to the individual fic like normal.

Some websites make it difficult to find the RSS feed, or don't have one, like Instagram. Here's one for Joe's instagram, and here's one for his dog, Bento. And there you are! Pretty simple~



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