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who knew, if your writer’s block is caused by just being to exhausted and not having time to write, you can literally cure it just by sitting down at a time when you’re not exhausted and writing. amazing. and yet. can i reproduce this success?

who knows. in other news, posting that next segment of Lost Kings kind of jarred loose the fact that I’ve actually got 8500 words already written of the last-last chapter of the Home in the Wind epilogue, including, and I forgot I did this, the entirely-finished scene of Kes and Leia that I was working on when Carrie Fisher passed, and wished was done enough to post as a kind of tribute to her. I finished it and forgot I finished it. So anyhow, that chapter’s about done. I did not write the tenderly erotic scene where Rey shaves Poe’s face, but that does not preclude it being a flashback later. It’s all an excuse for Poe to have a moustache in all of the Yavin IV post-epilogue snippets that I doubt I’ll polish but I’ll definitely put up as atmospheric little extras. 

yes that moustache. Kes doesn’t like it, to put it mildly.

“Thank you, Commander Obvious,” Kes said, sketching him a sarcastic salute. “You know, it’s hard to hear you over that moustache.”
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When someone is really freaking mad at me for inducing an emotional response from them

when readers give me a background of how/when they read my writing

when readers give me a background of why they shouldn’t have been reading my writing (usually while at work)

when readers quote my work back to me in comments

the frickin’ real heroes here, the ones who comment on every chapter of an ongoing multi-chapter fic

This is such a useful list because it gives some nice thoughts to consider while reviewing fic - I never could tell if some of the things here were annoying to writers or not, but judging by the notes it’s all good!


monday list

Jul. 24th, 2017 11:28 am
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Things to do today:
  • make granola
  • take a shower
  • read Star Trek fic
Things I already did:
  • made appointment for eyeballs!
  • ate breakfast!
Things I probably won't do:
  • figure out how to finish this fic
  • work with me here Rodney
  • you've had three years
  • stop mooning around on the sidewalk
  • and end this
  • or I swear to god I'll set fire to everything you love
  • I'll do it
  • fire is much easier to write than a happy ending
  • ask anyone
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Having reliable Internet again, I pushed an update in the Lost Kings series. 

Long-Distance Connection, in which Poe is very tiny and Shara and Kes get to speak, finally. 

“Oh,” Kes said, “don’t worry on my account, it was mostly a personal call.” He actually hadn’t made very many planet-to-planet holocalls like that, they were fantastically expensive, so he wasn’t sure what the actual terms and conditions usually were. 

And then he remembered an old grifter’s trick from one of the sodden messes of humanity he’d dormed with on some godforsaken spaceport, who had told a lot of entertaining stories. Overload them with personal information. He tugged the little holochip-viewer thingy he carried everywhere out of his inner shirt pocket, and beamed at them. “I was talking to my baby!” He toggled it on, and the holo they’d sent him of Poe came up, tiny and wrinkly and squinting and about two days old. It was the only thing on the holochip. He had no other identifying markings or documents– except for the chip the Shozer had just given him back, clearly so that she wouldn’t have it if they searched.

It worked. “Oh, uh, wow,” said one of the Stormtroopers– did they have babies? Was there parental leave for Stormtroopers? Did that mean they had sex lives?– backing up a little awkwardly. Kes was too distraught to let himself think more about it.
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kes dameron, the captain america of space


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This is the end of the King of the Hill theme song, mid-"wa-hoo!"
Roger Clyne and Nick Scropos (foreground)
Opening band-- that's the bassist's hair. She had the least hair of any of them besides the drummer, background. I don't know what the singer is doing, she was out of my field of view except her arm.
Roger Clyne and Jim Dalton
intermission: everyone was on their phones. this is my dude's hand.
Clyne, lyricizing or expounding
a very psyched front row
opening band, hair in motion
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Canandaigua NY, 7/22/2017

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt were the opening band. Most of my photos of them were of their hair. They had a lot of hair. 

The opening-opening band was called the Lawbreakers, and it was actually… just the Peacemakers sans Roger Clyne. They were pretty good. The bassist read all his chord changes off an iPad propped on his mic stand; they’d lost their other opener three days previous so they’d pulled a set together for the hell of it, but apart from the iPad you wouldn’t really have known; Jim Dalton wrote all the songs and sang ‘em and they were pretty great. More straight-ahead country than the Peacemakers, but the kind of country that’s got titles like “I Love The Shit Out Of You” (a sappy love song) and “She Only Calls My Booty When She’s Drinkin’” (a less sappy love song), and a song about being the kind of friend who bails your pal out of jail every weekend and such. I dunno, is that Western as opposted to Country? Something like that.

 This was day 52 of them being on a national tour and they were all pretty punchy, but seemed to really enjoy this show. It helped that the venue was the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant with a great tequila selection, and the other sponsor was a brewing company with quite nice beer. 

I used my trusty D7100 and only bothered hauling in two lenses, a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 and a Nikkor 85mm f/1.8. For some reason my autofocus wouldn’t let me move the selected point in single-point mode, despite the relevant button working for other things. Late in the last set, the autofocus stopped working entirely, in any mode. I’d been manual-focusing the 85 most of the night, since single-point wasn’t working and auto-select always picks the closest thing and without fail gives you a tack-sharp mic stand and blurry band, but from then on I had to manual-focus the 17-50 too, and zoom lenses usually aren’t well designed for that, so I just switched back to the 85 and gave up on any wide-angle shots. 

I’m gonna have to get that camera looked at. The upside is, I work at the repair shop; the downside is, I work at the repair shop and it’s usually me doing the troubleshooting, so I already tried all my usual tricks which means I’m probably going to have to send it in, and Nikon’s repair department is a tire fire. So, not hopeful on that.

But, manual focus isn’t the worst thing in the world for concerts, I guess. I did okay. 
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ok skin, it’s not cute, the eczema and the hives have extended into… tiny bumps? are these heat rash? why do i have them on my hands? also random patches of this on my legs showed up today and i have not gone outside so it is not the sun?

can i take Benadryl for this? It’s both arms, shoulder to fingers, patches on both thighs (but not where they’d rub together or anything, just random patches), and the back of my neck, and it’s not hives or eczema for the most part (hives on upper arms, eczema inside elbows), so i’ve lost track of what it could possibly even be and i don’t know.

at least it only itches in a couple of places. (That’s how I know which ones are hives.)

I hate this, I hate all of it, and I don’t know what to do about it. The primary care physician they assigned me can’t see me even for an emergency until November, I can’t go to Urgent Care or it won’t be covered, and the place I’m trying to get in with a primary care physician instead doesn’t have anyone doing scheduling stuff on a Sunday and they’re not going to be able to see me right away anyway either, nobody can. 

[timeline reminder: march is when i found out my health insurance had lapsed as of december. i completed my reapplication and was accepted, deemed eligible as of april, but not enrolled until june, and the insurance company waited until a couple weeks of june had passed to send me anything, and the first thing they sent me was a letter saying “since you didn’t pick one, we assigned you a random PCP who is the only person you can see and everything else needs a referral!” “Surprise she can’t see you either!” was the followup when I immediately called her.]

Ughhhhhh sorry I just had to vent. I have to wait for tomorrow and start calling around to see if anyone can take me in as a new patient and see me, like, this year. Before the hives actually kill me. Which they might.

… Remember when we had the luxury of complaining about the ACA? Because the fact that I have any coverage at all, any hope at all, is because of the ACA– my company couldn’t afford health insurance for its full-time employees anymore, premiums had gone up so steeply again and again and again, and it was getting to the point where there just weren’t any plans available. 

What we need is a full top-to-bottom reform of the healthcare system, and I worry because of course, it’s a huge industry and I have friends and family working in all areas of it. Transitioning it away from being a profit-focused behemoth monstrosity won’t be easy but I would have said it was the only choice, going forward. But no! No, apparently there’s always the choice of destroying the economy and casting millions of people into despair and possibly death, thanks GOP, I hadn’t actually seen that coming as a serious option.

Sigh. I mean, I’m just venting. I don’t know, maybe I’ll try Benadryl. What have I got to lose? In my uninsured days I did a lot of that, pick a medication that might knock you out so that you can hopefully sleep through the worst of whatever’s wrong with you, and either wake up healed or, I don’t know. It was not fun even then but it was cuter when I was in my 20s. 
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There are some people who really seem to think the only true “heroism” is picking up a gun to defend your imperialist state.

Hunger, Bodies, and Power

Jul. 23rd, 2017 02:47 pm
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I just read Roxane Gay’s Hunger and it resonated with me very deeply.

Discussion of sexual assault, suicidal ideation, and body image under the cut. Please read (or don't!) with your own self-care in mind.

Read more... )

(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:15 am
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It's the last day of my vacation-staycation-weekend.

I went to the State Fair on Tuesday afternoon, and did a quick skim through the various exhibits and the animal barn, had some bad fair food, then saw the Queen cover band, Queen Nation. I've been wanting to see them for a couple of years, but they are usually scheduled for Con*Strict weekend. I did enjoy them, and the crowd singing, but the lead fellow just didn't have a voice as good as Freddie Mercury's. Good to have achieved; don't need to repeat.

I had dinner with one friend on Tuesday at the Old Spaghetti Factory (we both love the mizithra cheese), tea with a group of friends on Thursday afternoon, and dinner at another friend's house on Friday, with the old Whovian gang. It's been good to see people.

I have not done as much as it feels like I could have done, but I've made an effort to be relaxed and not overdo, so I will be happy that I stuck to that promise. I have the sheetrock repair scheduled, which I have been ignoring for several years now, so I'm going to call that a win.

Writing is strange, isn't it? Saturday afternoon, I had that, I'm not going to finish anything significant in the house/chores realm, so I might as well write on this print-out of the second half of The Prequel that I've been carrying around for a couple of months now. I read it over, polished some sentences, added a few here and there, and typed in the changes. It's at 11,848 words, at least halfway through, and I'm very vague about what should happen in the rest of the fic. So I looked at the Qui/Obi I wrote recently, which was 3,600 words, and written in a day and a half. Why can't I do that all the time? Why do some stories take so long?

Did you ever have a time where you kinda drew a line in the sand with a friend, and the friend's reaction was basically, "Okay," and on one hand, you were grateful not to get into a big argument over something that stressed you a lot, but on the other hand, there was a sense of... Huh. I think I wish she'd cared enough to make a token effort to argue. She didn't. I handled that on Friday and still feel unsettled by it.

But one more fun thing today, meeting up with friends to see The Mousetrap. I saw it, several decades ago. I do remember Who Done It, but little else. It'll be good to see it again.

Sunday reading

Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:09 am
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Just read a lovely column called [Your Three Feet of Influence]. The author suggests that while we cannot control the world, we can choose what we do with the three feet directly around us, and whether we bring to that three feet justice, calm, and kindness or not. Great reading for this Sunday!

(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2017 08:49 am
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My nieces (4, 10) have been watching The Great British Baking Show, and decided that yesterday afternoon should be all baking, all the time. So I went over and helped out, and we made the FUSSIEST BAKED GOODS IMAGINABLE. First came the Banana Bread from America's Test Kitchen. What a pain in the ass that recipe is. And yet it made the best banana bread I have ever tasted, so I can do little but shake my fist and do what they say.

Then we made Blackberry Scones, which had the best-tasting scone mix imaginable, and which took forever to make. I think I'd like them better with blueberries or raspberries, but they're very tasty (no doubt from all the butter). Again, very fussy recipe, but the end product felt worth it.

At the end of the afternoon, niece C made brownies out of a box, and lo, we were glad for it :D

Woke up this morning stiff in every place imaginable, so I'll need to do a bit of gentle yoga to loosen back up after I finish this cup of tea. I feel like Andy in Parks and Recreation - working out is great and all but at what cost? :D
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welp. my queue’s gone empty again, so much for that. my ears are ringing a lil bit. but i’m safe at home! and we have new blinds at home, that’s really something. i’m ashamed to admit i noticed first that the whole room had been cleaned, and only after a moment’s shock did it strike me that it was because the blind installers came. and the blinds are lovely but now they’re like, nice, and literally nothing else in the room or house is nice at all, in like, a grown-up fashion, and so, uh, we probably ought to, uh, nice up the rest of the place a bit… well, baby steps. 

Anyhow. Drove back from Troy last night, and stopped off in Canandaigua, NY, which is a bit east of Rochester– about 75 miles east of Buffalo– to go to a concert. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is a band that, about 20 years ago, my dude’s and my mutual roommate introduced us both to, so there’s some deep cuts of history. We’re not like, superfans, but in the last 20 years, whenever we’ve noticed there’s a concert, we’ve gone, because they do a really good show. (I’ve nattered on about them here before, I’m sure, and I remember when they put out a live album earlier this year I gushed about it because it was a really great live album.) They played in Buffalo but it was on Tuesday, and that was when I was busy slaughtering chickens, so. 

This was a weird out-of-order stop for them, in a weird little city (pop 10k) off the normal routes for any national tours. But it turns out, the reason is that there’s a brewery in that town that’s named for them, and has a bunch of beers named after various of their songs, and so had asked them if they could come, and they obliged. I was wondering what on earth this was going to be like, since the venue was literally the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant– but it turns out, they fenced it off, put in a bunch of tents, and then literally hundreds of people showed up and it was an astonishingly good show. 

[I managed to get right up against the stage on one side, and a bunch of obnoxious-loud superfans came up next to me during the main thing, and I discovered that the best part of superfans is that they interact with the band, and so the band turns and looks right at you, so if you’re trying to take pictures, you get good ones. I gotta get my camera out and look at them, but there’s an ongoing saga of my serial numbers not working on my repaired computer, so I can’t edit photos, which is why I haven’t downloaded the ones from Canada a month ago yet either… anyway. I got some nice shots and had a great time taking them.]

The only downside? At 11pm sharp, half the town called the cops because I’m sure the noise was obnoxious, and a city official called the restaurant and said they had to shut down, and so the band couldn’t do the long encore they wanted to. They managed to play just one more song, on the police’s forbearance– as it happens, the song that a little boy in the crowd had been holding up a sign begging them to play, so– and Roger said, very earnestly, “This has been so much fun, and they’ve asked us to do it again, and you know what, next time we won’t fuck around so much and we’ll start earlier so we’ve got time for the long encore.” Which would be cool, and I’d make a point of attending, but it would especially be cool because 75 miles is a long way to drive starting at 11:30 pm. 

But we made it home in our separate cars, and my ears are only ringing a little bit. So I’m back in Buffalo for a week and my cat slept on my face this morning for a while, and all is good. 
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A post shared by Bridget Kelly (@bomberqueen17) on Jul 22, 2017 at 7:59pm PDT

My favorite part of my favorite power ballad. Believe it or not this is one of the standby lullabies for Farmbaby. (at Rio Tomatlan)



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